Things To Do When Your Baby Arrives


It is overwhelming and tiring. You are home with a tiny person in your arms, the life of whom entirely depends on you. It is helpless and needy and cries and poops and the reflux is all that you can handle. In the event of such traumatic experience your body has been through and the responsibility that lies ahead, staying organized is going to help get through this unscathed at the best. Keeping a tab or a note of things to get done will help remind you that you need to get this done, mind you, you are going to be so exhausted to remember your name, let alone chores, so lists help for top wedding photographer. Here are a few things that should make the list when the baby first arrives. 

Pen down the birth story 

It is your first born. It’s special, you don’t want to forget this moment. At the time however, you will be so exhausted that you will not remember a single detail. So it is better to pen it while it is still fresh to avoid later regrets. You might also start a scrapbook with all the events penned in as and when they occur. Your first pregnancy photo, your trip to the hospital, the birth, the first touch of your little one, all of these precious moments can be captured and stored for life. 

Store away the hospital things 

When you have your first child, you get a whole load of things from people who visit the hospital to see you. All these keepsakes may not be very inviting at the moment and may seem more like things getting in the way, so find a placed store it away till you have the time to go through it and reminisce the moment when you received them. 

Take lots of pictures 

The first few weeks of a new born are so overwhelming that mother often forget to capture these precious moments. This is often regretted later on when your child has grown up and you miss the tiny one who you brought home from the hospital. Schedule a maternity photography session with a professional who will capture your little one in a dreamy way just like you would have imagined him to look. 

Make the announcement

You have to let everyone know you have a bundle of joy now. Send out an announcement. You might want to get this sorted while you are pregnant, but it is not too late now either. It will be if you wait till your baby is 6 months old and people come to see him crawling about your house. Having a baby is a lot of work. But while you are trying to get it all done, you are also making memories. It is a good idea to capture these memories because now your exhausted mind will not appreciate it but your later content self will regret.


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