Starter Tips For The Perfect Baby Portraits

If you’re a photographer by profession and you get your juvenile shoot of capturing the tender moments of infant hood, do you got what it takes to make it the perfect shoot? You may think photographing a sleeping child is easy, one word of advice, never underestimate that fact! It definitely is a hard task. Many photographers would jump in joy for shooting any still object over a crying, nagging and constantly crying baby. However if you are been hired for a shoot you cannot simply decline for same reason. So here are some tips to get you started.

Keeping it warm is they key

Babies like to be kept warm and snuggled up. So apply the same concept and make sure the baby is been kept nice and warm by turning off the air conditioner and letting the sun inside. Make sure the surrounding is nice and steamy for the baby. For pictures that are taken with a blanket, keep a heating pad underneath and place the baby over the blanket. To achieve better quality and beautiful newborn baby photography in Perth you need to keep the baby nice and warm.

Simplicity is always the best

There are many pictures of babies surrounded with many props and taken in different environments with various lighting effects. As a newbie its best to keep things simple. A nice soft and furry blanket or white sheet will do wonders. The star of the newborn photography should be the newborn itself and not its surrounding hence the priority of the focus should be clear enough. Simple photographs are the ones that turn out to be the best ones.

Keep the mama close

It’s always best to keep the mama close at all times. Encourage the parent to frequently feed the baby to avoid unnecessary crying and wailing. While you prepare for the next shoot, handover the baby to the mommy for prepping up.

Get the perfect lighting

Great family photos don’t come perfect without the proper lighting. Use the aid of natural lightning by taking the pictures at close proximity to a window. A bright sunny day is perfect to capture the perfect shots. Move the curtains and blinds aside and let the sunshine come in. Use a white reflector to bounce away any hard lighting that may appear on the picture and you get a soft lighting on the final outcome.

Soothing sounds

Most babies are comforted with soothing music or lullabies. Try it in your shoot by placing some soothing baby lullabies behind the backdrop in the set up or let it run in the back ground. These sounds are sure to make the baby feel cozy and comfortable.

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