Exotic Photography Ideas

In a world where everyone is trying to be unique and different, you might find it rather difficult. Yet that would not stop you from trying out new and different ways. We have now come to an era where almost every person owns their own digital camera or a camera phone. The world has without a doubt become globalized. We are all living in a society where social media has become part of our lives.

It may have its advantages and disadvantages but however as a result of this social media usage people have become more aware about the happenings around the world. Therefore people are more open to trends that rises in society. People being social beings we are more likely to follow the flock, but even among the flock you may sometimes be able to remain unique and different from the flock. Being daily users of social media we have gotten use to sharing our daily events with our friends, family and sometimes the entire world. From day to day selfies to professional underwater pregnancy photography. Whatever the type, we share them all.      

With the development of technology the field of photography has truly been evolved throughout the past years. Also many areas in photography has been mastered by many professional photographers. There are also many trends in photography that has become popular these days. For example trash the dress photography at H2o Photography also known as rock the frock or fearless bridal. This was believed to be started originally by a wedding photographer in Las Vegas. If you are searching for a way to capture some unique moments this could be something that you would be interested, and if you are the kind of person who seeks for adventure this would be even more suitable for you.  

Here are some ideas for you to start off with. If you are looking a way to ruin your wedding or prom dress in a messy way you could simply jump into the mud and capture some moments or you could compete with your newly wedded husband in a game of paint ball. It could be the simplest way of throwing glitter to going underwater.

You can be part of a graffiti or you could head out to the park and spend a day there recollecting old memories of your teenage years. If you and your partner are fans of zombies, you can go on a zombie hunt with a flash of fake blood and pair of cow boy boots. However any way you choose to destroy your beautiful garment make sure that you are emotionally able to do it otherwise there could be certain downfalls, which you won’t be able to overcome emotionally.      


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