Capturing The Essence Of The Moment

Everything is documented today with pictures. Pictures have gone well beyond their initial purpose at the turn of the 19th century as a mode of creating portraits of individuals, families and other types of groups. Today, cameras are everywhere. DSLR (or digital single lens reflect) cameras are very common, and are of superior quality. Their ease of use is also legendary. In addition, there are the digital cameras that are found at the back (and sometimes at the front!) of millions of mobile phones the world over. Phone manufacturers improve the quality of these cameras constantly as well, with each release of a new product in their respective lines.

How mind boggling it is then, to imagine the number of pictures that must be taken every day, across the world!

The evolution of the art and its tools have also been phenomenal. From pin hole cameras to today’s digital cameras, and the most recent mirror-less cameras. Who knows what further advances the future may hold! Cameras which were once always mounted upon a stand or pedestal are now often light enough to be held by hand. Cameras are also used in a multitude of ways, and have gone well beyond just taking pictures of people, check this video production services.

They are used in medicine, for example to take a look at the insides of a person’s body prior to going in for surgery. They are used in nature conservation efforts, where spy cameras and tube cameras are used to get at burrows which are too small for humans to go in to. And then, they are used in drone photography in order to get a whole new perspective of life as seen from above.

The results of drone photography or aerial photography are, at first glance, very similar in nature to those that would have been taken by a shutterbug in a helicopter. But upon closer inspection, you would be able to see that this handy little gadget, which is approximately 1 cubic foot in size, and very much more quieter than a chopper, can get in to places that a big flying machine cannot. It can thus be more surreptitious in covering an event, or following an animal. The great migration that occurs in Kenya and Tanzania each year is one such event that is magnificently covered by this method of photography. The shy, gentle giants of the sea, the great whales and playful dolphins, can easily and effectively be photographed by air using these devices.

These are but a few of the uses of this new angle of photography. A quick overlook (no pun intended!) of the subject and you will see for yourself what a wonderful way it is to capture images of virtually any scene or event.

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